Genius 5000 Handheld Xrf Analyzer

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Genius 5000 Handheld Xrf Analyzer

Handheld and Stainless

Comes with case and accessories


The all new, fourth generation, Genius 5000XRF provides laboratory quality analysis and identification of alloys and stainless steels anywhere, at any time, in virtually any environment. Its digital multi-channel technology greatly improves its detection ability and stability, making it suitable for a broad range of applications.

Main Features:

  1. Light handheld model with easy operation for quick on-site analysis.

  2. No shape or size limit for samples, which can be in solid, liquid or powder form

  3. World-leading thermoelectric cooling Silicon Drift Detector with excellent energy resolution. Adoption of large area (25mm2) beryllium window detector makes up for lower excitation efficiency of mini X-ray source while ensuring highly precise analysis.

  4. A laser positioning system to help ensure accurate analysis.

  5. Two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries typically provide 6–8 hours of use between charges (3-4 hours continuous).

  6. Test results can be transmitted to PC for storage and report generation.

  7. Rugged carry case to safely and conveniently store transport the system and its accessories.

Metal Alloy Verification (Positive Material Identification)
  1. Analyzable materials: Tool steels, stainless steels, heat resistant steels, high-medium-low alloy steels, copper alloys, zinc alloys, etc.

Related industries:


  • Nuclear and Conventional Power Plants
  • Refineries of Chemical Plants
  • Metal Fabricators that produce pressure vessels, valves, etc.
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturers


Method of measurement

Energy dispersive fluorescence X-ray analysis

Analyzable element range

12Mg (magnesium) – 92U (uranium)

Analyzable element content

Dynamically switchable between parts per million (ppm) and percentage

Simultaneous analysis ability

Maximum of 24 elements at a time

Acceptable sample type

Solid, powder, liquid

Measurement time

3 — 30 seconds

Environmental requirements


–20°C – +50°C

Relative humidity

< 90%


Free of airborne particles, corrosive gases, perceptible vibration

Power supply

7800 mAh lithium-ion battery for real-time use, smaller battery for backup

Continuous working time

3–4 hours with one fully-charged battery

Dimensions of XRF unit

234(W) × 306(H) × 82(D) mm

Dimensions of carrying case

455(W) × 370(H) × 180(D) mm

Main body weight

Approx. 1.9 kg (includes battery)


X-ray source

Target material

Silver (Ag)

Tube voltage

5kV – 40kV

Maximum Current



MOXTEK Incorporated

Collimators (2 types)

Inside diameter

4.0mm, 2.0mm

Primary filters

Automatic selection from 6 types of filters.


Large-area (25mm2) thermoelectric cooling silicon drift detector (SDD)

Multi-channel analyzer

A time-resolved multi-channel analyzer produces accumulating digital spectrum.

High resolution PDA

Operating system

MS Windows CE with English language interface


640×480 pixel LCD

Data storage

TF memory card (standard 2GB, extendable to maximum 32GB)


Password-protected user security

Video system

CMOS HD camera

Carrying case

Lockable, with rugged exterior and padded interior


Satchel, Touch Pen, Power Adapter, Backup battery, Battery Charger, Plug Transformer, PC connection cables, Mini USB, TF memory card, TF card reader, Data transfer software, standards for calibration, nose cap, Membrane, Sample Cup, Optional instrument stand.


Qualitative analysis

Measurement and analysis of measured data

Quantitative analysis

Calibration curve method, matrix correction


Automatic correction for intensity and energy

Monitoring of operating condition of the instrument

Function of tabulating the results of analysis